Energy Saving Tips - Renewable Energy

Solar Panels – Evacuating Tubes
Solar Panels can be fitted to almost any house and are used to gather energy from the sun and convert it into useful heat in the form of hot water. During the summer months solar panels can provide almost all of your hot water needs and about 50% of it throughout the year.

evacuated solar tubes

Photovoltaic cells
Photovoltaic cells use energy from the sun to create electricity, which can then be used for lighting and domestic appliances. These cells only require daylight, not direct sunlight. The electricity generated can then be stored and used whenever you require it.

photovoltaic panels

Wind turbines
Britain has the greatest proportion of wind energy in Europe and yet it only generates 0.5% of our electricity requirements. Wind turbines range in size from the giant white Turbines seen mainly near coastal areas to much smaller designs capable of providing energy to houses or boats.

wind turbine

Hybrid Systems
A hybrid energy system usually consists of two or more energy sources used together to provide a better energy supply balance. This could mean using a solar panel coupled together with a wind turbine. The solar panels would obviously produce most of their energy during the summer months, while the wind turbine would create more energy during the windier winter months. Hybrid systems can make more economical sense than wind or solar alone.

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