PAS2030 - Certification Assessment

STEP 2 - Certification

Green Deal Certification

The next stage is to become certified by a UKAS accredited Green Deal certification body, which will assess whether you meet the PAS 2030 standard for the measures you wish to install.

The certification process is split into two main parts, namely;

PART 1 - Assessment of the Quality Management System (Office-Based).

This establishes whether you are operating processes that support the installation of energy efficiency measures via a robust management system as outlined by the individual requirements of PAS 2030. This activity will normally be office based and will verify all the individual elements as detailed in Step 1.

PART 2  - Assessments of installed energy efficiency measures (On-Site).

This establishes whether you can demonstrate that the installed energy efficiency measures conforms to the specification provided and in compliance with the required building regulations. You will need to show at least one example of an installation for each energy efficiency measure that you wish to be certified to install.

The current 26 measures that will be encompassed by the Green Deal:

  1. Domestic and non-domestic condensing boilers: natural gas-fired and liquefied petroleum gas-fired
  2. Domestic and non-domestic condensing boilers: oil-fired
  3. Heating controls
  4. Under-floor heating
  5. Flue-gas recovery devices
  6. Domestic and non-domestic gas-fired warm-air heating systems
  7. Domestic and non-domestic electric storage heaters
  8. Cavity wall insulation
  9. Loft insulation
  10. Pitched roof insulation
  11. Flat roof insulation
  12. Internal wall insulation
  13. External wall insulation
  14. Hybrid wall insulation
  15. Draught proofing
  16. Floor insulation
  17. Heating system insulation: pipes and cylinders
  18. Energy efficient glazing and doors
  19. Lighting fittings
  20. Non-domestic lighting controls
  21. Ground and air source heat pumps
  22. Solar thermal
  23. Solar PV
  24. Biomass boilers
  25. Micro-combined heat and power (CHP)
  26. Micro- and small-scale wind turbine systems

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has made some exemptions to make it easier and faster for certain installers to gain certification by removing the requirement for a certification body to check a sample of their work as part of the ‘sign-off’ process.

The exemptions are for organisations already registered on the Gas Safe Register (although they will still need to demonstrate a suitable QMS) and the Microgeneration Certification Scheme.

If the assessment is found to be successful you will be subject to on-going surveillance visits, which are usually annual.

This process has been put in place to give the consumer confidence that all installers working on energy efficiency improvements funded through the Green Deal meet minimum standards, and that they are taking part in a properly regulated scheme that will provide them with real benefits.

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