PAS2030 - Registration with the Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body (ORB)

STEP 3 - Register with the Green Deal ORB

Your UKAS accredited certification body will register you with the Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body (ORB) once you are certified. 

This is where consumers and other bodies can go to find Green Deal Installers.

They will also license you to use the Green Deal Quality Mark. This means that you agree to all the conditions in the Green Deal Code of Practice. As well as complying with these conditions, you must also keep clear records of work done and allow monitoring of installation work as and when requested.

Using the Green Deal Quality Mark is an excellent way to promote your business as a registered Green Deal Installer.

How do I start ?

PropertyCert offer a free no obligation meeting to discuss your exact business needs and develop a Quality Management System which is designed to meet your exact requirements.

So If you are looking to achieve PAS 2030 accreditation to becoming a Green Deal Approved Installer then we can help.

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