What is an EPC?


Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) have become mandatory as part of Home Information Packs from 1st August 2007 (on properties with 4 or more bedrooms). Homes with 3 bedrooms require HIPs upon sale from 10 September 2007, with the inclusion of 1 and 2 bedroom homes from the 14 December 2007.

Energy Performance Certificates will give home buyers and sellers an A to G ratings for their home’s energy efficiency to help cut carbon emissions and fuel bills. Our homes already account for 27% of the UK’s carbon emissions contributing to global climate change. The Energy Performance Certificate is designed to help homeowners reduce the environmental impact created by their homes. The Energy Savings Trust estimates that by following the recommendations in an Energy Performance Certificate, an average of £300 a year can be saved in fuel bills.


The Energy Performance Certificate should be shown, on request, to any prospective purchaser, and should in any case be provided by the owner to the ultimate purchaser before a contract for sale is made.

Sellers of newly built homes will have to provide a predicted assessment of the energy efficiency of the property, but a full Energy Performance Certificate should be provided to the buyer when the home is completed.

By 2009, all buildings in the UK that are constructed, sold or rented, will have to have an Energy Performance Certificate in accordance with the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. It is estimated that 1.5 million EPC’s will be required each year.

How is my home's rating calculated?

A visit will be made to your property lasting approximately one hour. During this time our Assessor will inspect parts of your property that affect its energy efficiency and environmental impact. Areas inspected include the details of its method of construction, age of the property, heating system etc. In addition measurements will be taken of the property and from this data an overall energy rating will be produced. Learn more about PropertyCert  Inspection Process

EPC Sample Graphs

What does my certificate contain?

The form and content of the certificate is prescribed by the regulations and includes the following:

What does an EPC look like?

Click below to view a dummy Energy Performance Certificate taken from a real Home Information Pack.
Example Domestic Energy Certificate

What happens to Energy Performance Certificates once they're completed?

All domestic Energy Performance Certificates are lodged in a central database. Energy Assessors (through their Accreditation Schemes) lodge them as they produce them, and each is given a unique reference number. Access to the database is restricted, only those who have the unique reference number can access the certificate for a particular property.

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