The Green Deal Measures

What is included in the Green Deal?

green deal measures

The following are the current home improvement measures that you can get under a Green Deal plan.

Heating and heating controls

  1. Condensing boilers (gas or oil fired)
  2. Flue gas recovery devices
  3. Heating controls
  4. Radiant heating
  5. Storage heaters
  6. Underfloor heating
  7. Warm-air units


  1. Cavity wall insulation
  2. Draught proofing
  3. Floor insulation
  4. Heating system insulation (pipes and cylinders)
  5. Loft insulation
  6. Pitched roof or flat roof insulation


  1. Biomass boilers
  2. Ground, water and air source heat pumps
  3. Micro-CHP
  4. Micro-wind
  5. Solar PV
  6. Solar thermal


    • Energy efficient glazing and doors (eg double glazing)
    • Heating ventilation and air conditioning controls
    • Hot water controls
    • Lighting fittings
    • Solar blinds, shutters and shading devices
    • Transpired solar collectors
    • Waste water heat recovery devices attached to showers

The goverment plans to increase the number of measures included in the Green Deal as the scheme matures.

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