Home Information Packs - What is an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

"All homes marketed for sale from 14th December 2007 will require an EPC to be commissioned"

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The facts about EPC's

Why is the Certificate important?

Nearly 40 per cent of the UK's energy consumption arises from the way in which our 25 million buildings are lit, heated and used. Even comparatively minor changes in energy performance and the way we use each building will have a significant effect in reducing energy consumption - and therefore carbon emissions.


How is my home's rating calculated?

A non-invasive inspection of your property, undertaken by a qualified and accredited Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) will give your home a rating on a scale of A-G.

Because the inspection is non-invasive, then there will be no disturbance to the fabric of your home, for example no drilling or removal of fixed panels will take place.

Your EPC will detail recommendations of how you can improve the efficiency of your home - some of which may have little cost to implement.

Typically the survey undertaken by the DEA shall include:-


What does my certificate contain?

The form and content of the certificate is prescribed by the regulations and includes the following:

What happens to Energy Performance Certificates once they're completed?

All domestic Energy Performance Certificates are logged in a central database. Energy Assessors (through their Accreditation Schemes) log them as they produce them, and each is given a unique reference number. Access to the database is restricted, so only those who have the unique reference number can access the certificate for a particular property.



What does an EPC look like?

Click below to view a dummy Energy Performance Certificate taken from a real Home Information Pack.

Example Domestic Energy Certificate

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